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Waterproof Cast Covers for Broken Arms & Legs

Having a broken arm or leg is bad enough, but then you can't have a shower or bath?

Are you missing out on going swimming, because a wound needs to be kept dry?

What about that summer holiday in the sun? It will be ruined if you can't go to the beach or pool with all your family and friends.

We have a solution for you, our Dry Arm and Dry Leg, which are 100% waterproof and are made to measure for maximum comfort.

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Our 100% waterproof cast covers can be worn when swimming or snorkelling with a broken arm or leg

We manufacture high quality waterproof cast covers, so that even with broken arms or legs, you can still enjoy your holiday. We guarantee they are 100% waterproof, so that wounds are kept dry.

Swimming underwater in our dry arm cast cover Dry Leg cast cover

Made to measure

Our experience has shown that to ensure that our cast covers are 100% waterproof and that they feel comfortable to wear, they need to be made to measure.

Do you only need part of your arm covered?

We are now producing the dual seal arm cover for people who need to keep dry a part of their arm for burns, wounds or pic lines

The dual seal arm cover will allow you to have full use of your hand, while still keeping your wound perfectly dry.

These are made to measure for maximum comfort.

See our measurement guide for instructions on how to measure up for your dual seal arm cover.

These are great value at ONLY £72.50.

Ordering your cast cover

Before you can order your arm or leg cast cover, we need some measurements from you so that it can be made to measure for you for maximum comfort. See our arm and leg measurement guide. When you have all the necessary measurements, call us on 01474 704 123 to order.

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